Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wild and Unkempt Places (saying goodbye to all that green part 2)

This is what the side of our driveway/garage looks like. We haven't done a thing to it since we moved in.

Some would say, "Pretty 'BAD.'" My friend, who is a gardener and kept a 'garden of eden' of sorts for many years, would probably say, "Oh Melissa" with a disapproving look.

I do not feel ashamed - for I hold this belief very closely in my heart: Even BIG Sloppy Imperfect Messes have value. I can appreciate its wild, unkempt'ness. (So does the chipmunk - he lives in there somewhere.) My eyes see the relaxed state it exists in. It is a place of just letting go...of letting what will be to be...of allowing...of accepting...of embracing that which may not be embraced by 'society'. I can so relate to that.

Not everyone does or can believe in beautiful messes (chooses it??). Some are trapped by perfectionism - or as I like to call it, The Destructor, who will squash, crush, pulverize, and devourer all attempts at non-perfection. I have fought with this 'demon' for a long time in many different areas. (Secretly, I feel I am finally gaining the upper hand. But perhaps that could change at any time....best to remain alert.)

Even places like this contain tiny beauty that waits for us to notice it.

Somewhere along my journey, I've learned that tiny beauty is so worth BIG UGLY. I didn't always know that and I wasn't always as content as I am. Now all I have to do is apply this wisdom to people. Should be easy......................right?

~Hot Chocolate on a Chilly Morning~