Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We live on 3.5 acres of mostly wooded land. Aaaaaadore it! I just never know what I'm going to get.

SURPRISE! ANIMALS - The other night we walked out the front door. I noticed something black out of the corner of my eye. Thought it was the outside black cat we feed. Then I saw the white stripe. I said to my husband, "Uuuhhhhh, that's a skunk" and quickly went back inside.

SURPRISE! INFORMATION - Last night we learned some new information: Apparently, we are not only feeding the outside cats, the birds, the squirrels, and the chipmunks....we're also feeding the opossum and the skunk. They were both out eating birdseed late last night.

SURPRISE! FLOWERS - A few months ago, I noticed something yellow on the hill around our house. I walked up to see this sweet'ness looking back at me. I didn't even have to plant it - it just showed up.

It happened again the other day - I found this growing in a pot I planted months ago with a totally different kind of flower. YAY - another flower just showing up to grace my life!

SURPRISE! WEEDS - Oh, we have tons of those. But I like the ones that not only SURPRISE! show up, but are sneaky hiders of their beauty. Like this for example: just a bunch of holey green stuff, right?

but underneath, even pointing toward the ground is this lil cutie flower.

SURPRISE! CATS - Never expected another cat and certainly not a preggers one! Still no kittens. When will they arrive? That's a SURPRISE! too.

SURPRISE! TREES - We have no large pine trees here. I must say I was little disappointed in that when we moved here. But as we 'cleaned up' different areas, we realized that we do have a ton of little ones scattered around. Just to give it some perspective, my hand. It's so teeny tiny and absolutely precious.

We even have one with long needles. Isn't it cute??

SURPRISE! WEATHER - Last week, they were talking about frost. This week, they're saying 80 degrees! Mmmmm, warm autumn days.

SURPRISE! MONEY - My husband was laid off his job in July. He received a package of a month's pay (plus some). Two days later he got another job. So, in essence, he got paid for an extra week's vacation AND for the next 4 weeks he was paid double from the old job and the new one! As a matter of fact, he already had the interview lined up (and probably would have gotten it)....so if his old 'stupid jerky' company had only waited two days, they could have saved themselves thousands of dollars. But Hey, what goes around, comes around.

Surprises come in many forms and many ways, but often we're just too busy and caught up in the life society tells us we should live to notice them. My downfall has always been being too focused on what I want to show up and not what does. "I'm getting better" (just to throw in a movie quote in my best english accent - anyone know what it is?) I wasn't always this positive. I'm still not always, but I'm thrilled to say that progress has been made in my war with negative thinking/feelings . Yesterday all it took was a nap to get back on track. I woke thinking, "It doesn't matter what people think or do, I should do what I want to do just because I want to do it...no matter if no one ever pays any attention to crazy ca-ute lil ol me." Attention is over-rated by our egos!! And maybe mine makes a bigger deal of it than most. Pain in the hiney (is that how hiney is spelled?). That's no surprise to me, but the fact that I am over-coming it is. I never thought that would happen. I'm totally taken with thank-full'ness and grandly great-full! YAY EVERY DAY!

I'll end this with:

SURPRISE! HAIR - Not the kind that shows up on your chin one morning. No, no, this kind:

It's a little messy, but you get the point. Half of my hair is electric purple. When I wear it pulled back it's regular color in the front (see my profile picture when I had all 'normal' hair), purple in the back. I never thought of it before now, but it's kinda like an updated version of a mullet - all business in the front, party in back. heeheehaha! :)
What surprises have you been blessed with?

~SURPRISES! are The Universe's way of keeping The Journey from becoming a big long Yaaaaawwwwnnnn~