Friday, October 3, 2008

Saying goodbye to all that green (part 1)

It's that sleepy time of year. I'll miss the way the woods look right now - full of leafy goodness. But the wheel turns. It will turn around again.

Moss is sexy. The way it tucks its-self in and around delights me. I'm captivated by the BAM'e'ness of its green. I long to have no grass....only moss....a thick carpet all around. Its versatility is to be admired - it can grow on the ground,

on a brick,

or on an old hollowed out tree.

A sea of ferns. Come spring and summer, they over-take the woods. My husband says we're going to start a business here and call it "Worms and Ferns."

Sometimes there is a surprise in them.

He's the cat that eats our birds and my neighbor said we could shoot. I told him he's lucky we don't shoot animals.

The intricate way that Life will have Its-Self. Crawling, creeping, digging in here and there, compelled to LIVE and experience its-self and all it comes into contact with.

The wild flowers clinging, still sharing themselves, telling stories of warmer days past and those yet to come.

The calm'ness of Buddha, surrounded by sacred'ness.

Painted rocks adding their wisdom.

Secret Fairies blowing wishes into the breeze.

The first tree to change its beauty, to begin the release of what was in order to rest, renew, and make way for something else.

I'm blessed to live here, to be surrounded by all of this and more. I'm in love with it. I adore it. It adds countless precious moments to my journey. It blesses my eyes, makes my heart sing, awakens my soul, dances with my spirit, and entertains my mind. If it could be tasted, I think it would taste like chocolate cake eaten in a bubble bath...luxuriously comforting.

~Ah, deep breath, our Earth is exquisite in all her ways~