Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Squirmy Wormers update

A week ago, they were here.

Now they're here.

We have a pile of kittens under our bed. Tomorrow the bay-bees will be a week old. Went fast. Last night, we noticed one had one partially opened eye. Pretty soon they'll all be open and then they'll be getting into all kinds of kitten trouble.

So far we've got one boy and one girl. I haven't been able to see what the rest are because every time I pick them up they squeal - I don't want to upset Zoe...it's not worth it. We'll find out eventually.

It's another blustery day in PA. Those kittens would have been freezing their nips off outside. I honestly don't think all of them would have survived. Lucky ducks, I mean kittens.

~Sweet Lil Kitten Faces~