Thursday, October 23, 2008

The BESTEST Anniversary present EVER....or squirmy wormers

It finally happened! All these days and weeks we waited. The day finally arrived when those squirmy wormers that were in Zoe's belly came out to see the world! ~YAY~ and it was on our Anniversary. It was a great day!! I spent most of the day watching and helping her....she must have been exhausted cause I was so tired out I went to bed early.

There's 5 - a black and white, a black, a marbled black and white/gray, and two darker stripped ones that look like Mommy (pictured below). Super cute! They're all doing well.

See the teeny tiny kitten leg and tail in between Zoe's leg and tail? For those of you who've never seen them when they're first born...WOW are they small!

I keep telling the other cats we have that they are uncles and an aunt. Heehee...Rowan is Uncle Dittle.
What a blessing and a treat and total honor it's been! I'm glad we're the kind of people who would take in a pregnant outside cat. I'm looking forward to seeing who these lil squirmy wormers become.
~Newly Born LIFE~