Friday, October 31, 2008

Do you believe in Magick?

I do....all kinds of magick. Take for example a seed. You bury a seed in the ground. Provide some water, some sun, and BOOM, something totally new emerges. I am amazed by that, every single time I think of it.

Birth is magick - those squirmy wormers are growing fatter by the day. (Here's a new picture for all you bay-bee animals lovers.)

Our bodies are magick - the way they work, the way they know what to do without us telling them directly. Life is FULL of it.

Here's some of my personal magick -

One evening, hubby and I went to the park to read and play cards while daughter was at youth group. The place we usually sat overlooked horse stables. A horse neighed - hubby said (and I quote), "That's the first time I ever heard a horse neigh....well except for on TV." The next day we decided to go to a local farm (Linvilla Orchards, Delaware County, PA). As we were walking around, we came upon the area where the animals lived. A horse neighed - daughter said (and I quote), "That's the first time I ever heard a horse neigh....well except for on TV." !!! Hubby and I laughed. She said, "What?" We said, "I/he just said the exact same thing last night."

On the way to a friend's house, "Everybody have fun tonight (everybody wang chung tonight)" was on the radio. It reminded me that Frazier from Cheers once sang that in the bar. I stopped at a stop sign on Cherry Tree Road and happened to look at the cross-street sign. It said Frazer

I was in my room, while hubby and daughter were watching TV in the other room, writing in my journal. The radio was on. "Pink Cadillac" came on. I didn't particularly like the song, but I left it on. I changed the channel a few minutes later and that same song was on again. I thought it strange and something (don't know what) prompted me to write "Pink Cadillac" in my journal. Eventually, I went out with the others. They were flipping through the channels. The movie "Fletch 2" was on. Daughter passed it and I said, "Hey go back." She did. A moment later, Fletch uncovered a car. I said, "Is that a pink cadillac?" Hubby said, "Yeah."

The story of Binx: We had a cat named KC who died. My mother's hairdresser offered us a black cat she'd found outside. I'd always wanted a black cat, but didn't feel ready at the time. Over the next few weeks, it was obvious that Rowan (our other cat) was lonely. We decided to take up the hairdresser's offer. When we went to pick the kitten up, we sat down to chat. I noticed a tattoo on her arm - it had the letters KC in it. I pointed it out to hubby and daughter. On the way home, we passed a truck from a local business - KC Signs. We stopped at WaWa. A jeep was parked backward. The letters KC were on the headlights.

Before I left for the book store, I grabbed the SARK books I had in a pile on the desk. A note I had written fluttered out onto the floor. It said, "Any way you want it." On the way home, I heard that song.

I have a list of words (some are circled in my journal) that I happen to hear in a song while I am writing that exact word.

While I was out driving I swear I saw God wearing a bird suit! I happened to look in the rear view mirror and saw a bird and playing on the radio a song said, "Look over your shoulder, I’ll be there" as I did. Freaked me out a little.

An entry from my journal when I was at the book store: Earlier a woman was talking very loudly on a cell phone at the book store. It didn’t really bother me, but I could hear what she was saying loud and clear. Something about christmas gifts. And she said, "Cats with a z" She said that twice before she left. I did feel a little relieved to have ‘silence’ once again. So, just now while reading ‘a year by the sea’ by Joan Anderson, I see ‘The postmistress, whose cat, Zipcode..." Cat Z.

Another experience at the book store: While at the book store with Dee, I found another book by Paulo Coelho. I loved his others. So, here I was reading it and it said, "I remember my magic moment..." and the song playing in the background at the book store was "This magic moment!"

Yet, Another book store experience: Daughter was at youth group again. Hubby and I went to the, you guessed it, book store. I went to my usual section ~ Self Help ~ ;). I looked at this and that, then decided to go to the potty. On my way back into the section, I noticed a book titled: "Chasing Daylight" by Eugene O'Kelly. A secondary title explained that the author knew he was going to die. The back noted that he was the CEO of KPMG - a large accounting firm. This was the firm that my previous workplace had started using after the fall of their usual firm. So it caught my eye - I opened the book to see if I would find some special words for me. First thing I noticed was that the book was upside down inside the cover jacket. I flipped and flipped - nothing. So I put it back on the shelf. I started to walk away. A thought came to me "I should fix that upside down book." As I took the cover off, a notecard fell out. Here are some pictures of it.

The envelop says "Open and expand your mind." Inside it says, "Sip by sip, life's a trip! Hope you enjoy yours! or are enjoying. And remember..."Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth." ~ Alan Watts"

What a GREAT thing to happen! And very timely for me too - This happened to me on a Monday. The Friday before that, I was asking The Universe "Who am I?" I was trying to define the un-define-able. Duh.

I have that note glued inside an old journal. I'll keep it until I die and then I'll tell the story when I reach the other side. I still love that person for leaving that note - one day I will do the same thing because it is on my list of precious things that have happened to me.

Okay: These events may seem silly to some people, not to me. Life is so much more fun when you take magick seriously. Some people may call them coincidence, serendipity ~ I call them magick. I've gotten into the idea of naming what happens in my life, Repeaters. They are things that repeat, like an echo. I don't think they individually mean anything specific....I simply look at them as markers on my path. If I see/notice these happenings, than I'm on the correct path. I feel that they are a reassurance that was gifted to me by The Universe. I adore this about my life. It is one of the reasons I would NEVER change lives with anyone!

(here is a note I wrote in my journal about these experiences) In a chakra book I have it talks about the 3rd eye...mine tingles often...often enough for me to know it. I began to feel this tingle after a Reiki session years ago. In the book it says, "Ability to perceive patterns, to "see." That seems so like this magick. They seem more like patterns, not necessarily signs of the future, but more like a road map.
Here's what I think: Magick isn’t always obvious, but if sought, it is found in every single moment. We just have to SEE it, NOTICE it, LOVE it, LIVE it, BE it.

~As always, Magickally Delicious~