Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reflections of our~selves

Can we ever truly have a vision of our own self? Certainly we cannot truly see what our own face looks like. Mirrors are reversed. Spoons reflect us upside down. Pictures, video, paintings - all dimensionally incorrect. They cannot capture the full scope of our faces. Even our own eyes reverse everything and turn it upside down first then the brain interprets it correctly (that's right, right?) So, if we cannot ever truly see our own face - if we can only have an idea of what we physically look like, not an exact does that translate to mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Is it ever possible to have a correct idea of Who We Are? What do you think??

Taking and putting up pictures of myself is a stretch for me. I just don't like pictures of me. But whatever...I'm sure it's just that stupid pain in the butt voice in my head trying to keep me from having a good time and accepting myself. (Shut up you!)

Well, here goes....I'm wearing the project that I mentioned I was working on. I'm calling them scrappy scarves (perhaps I'll put them in my Etsy shop). I heart them BIG. This is also a better picture of my half purple hair.

As you can see, my natural color has grown in. The last time I had it cut and bleached was in January. Honestly, I can say I will do it again. But for now, I'm waiting for my natural color to grow back in. I need a break from having to color my hair every other month.

I'm suddenly feeling kinda quiet. Maybe I'm tired. My daughter just came in and gave me an attitude about locking the front door. I think I need a nappy.

~Beauty - full - ness~

ps: about my earlier thought (a vision of our self)....perhaps it's like everything else...close enough is close enough. anything else would be asking for perfect. and we all know that here, on our beautiful Earth, imperfect IS perfect.