Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Male, male, and more male

Well it looks like Tristan, Binx, Zoe, ??, and I are outnumbered. We did the 'sex' role-call last night and the final tally: 4 boys, 1 girl.

So for the boys: Hubby, Rowan, Wentz, Mooka, and 4 (as of now) un-named bay-bees. Total: 8

The girls: Moi, Tristan, Binx, Zoe, and 1 (as of now) un-named bay-bee. Total: 5

WHA???? How did that happen?? When did we lose control? Oh least one of my dreams has come to fruition - I AM SURROUNDED BY ADORING MEN, even if they are mostly cats! heehee

Over the weekend we drove to our old neighborhood (an hour away) to get the poopy scared out of us at Arasapha Farm. They put on such a fantastic show. We so love being scared. :)

Speaking of poopy - it's really funny what reminds you of home. Living out in the country, there are all kinds of smells. We drove past a farm and the smell of cow stuff wafted in the vents. I turned to my husband and said, "It smells like our bedroom." Sadly, he agreed. Oh, those kittens are super cute, but they do have a stanky downside. I guess my hubby's favorite book applies here - "Everybody Poops." Sometimes, I'm actually a little glad for my newly acquired allergies. I leave this conversation with the following wisdom: All good and bad things come to those who can smell.

My plan for the day: taking pictures for my Etsy shop (it's almost ready and there will be a give-away for the Grand Opening - stay tuned), working on a new project (I'll put pictures of that up as soon as it's done), paying attention to cats and cats and more cats, working on a Halloweener post (of sorts).

Wha'chu doin'?

I'll just be here in my fuzzy slippers.....
(that right one needs a brushing)

~Fuzz On~