Wednesday, October 22, 2008

4 YEARS! that's my favorite number

Well, today it's been 4 years since I married the goof-ball I'm married to. For some reason, this year, I'm able to remember how long it's been. Usually I have to ask him - which is quite a reversal from the 'typical' marriage....usually the woman knows and the man is clueless. I also usually have trouble remembering how long I've been on this Earth. Again, for some reason this year I know next month it will be 36 years. I'm not a numbers kind of gal - I married an accountant, let him do the math. I guess I don't focus on the amount of time, I focus on the time itself when it is happening. I don't care how long we've been married, as long as we're having a good time.

And we's not a romantic kind of story. I always thought I was into romance. Turns out I'm not. I'm into laughing and companioning.

He makes me laugh. I make him laugh. Our daughter makes us laugh. We make her laugh. The cats make us laugh. I believe them to laugh at us quite often. We are laughing fools! I love it.

Could I ask for more?

Well, I have. I've demanded 'it'. I've not lived my life because I didn't have 'it'. I made all of us suffer because of 'it'. And there are still times 'it' floats around in my head.

But 'it' isn't here.

BUT what IS here is more grand than I could have ever imagined for myself. I can trust him like no one else (for the most part....I can't trust him to fix something without me playing supervisor so he doesn't make the house explode, but that's a small price to pay). I know he can trust me. We believe in each other. We are so often on the same page or pretty darn close that it's uncanny. We both just want to enjoy our lives without having to act out some sick, petty script that's been written for us by some people we know. We play cards together. We play video games together. We watch TV together. We clean up together. We do yard work together. We shop together. We are together all the time. Now, some people may think that unhealthy....but hey, we have already spent more time in our lives without each other than together, so until the reverse is true we'll keep hanging out.

I never would have married someone funny on purpose. But I'm not always as wise as I think I am. He thinks nothing of making himself appear a fool out in public just to get me to laugh. Now that I think of it, perhaps there IS romance here.

Happy Anniversary Love! You're the bestest guy I could have ever married. I'll be ever great~full that I did even if you do a billion more 'stupid' things!! We rock!

"Holy Mother of God! Every damn time! Oh, it's a bad one!" ::giggle::