Friday, December 12, 2008

What's on my walls?

Well, art of course! The pictures aren't the best, but I just wanted to share these.....

"She absolutely adores Her Precious Wild Self!"

"They came, from worlds unmapped. Their golden droplets of magick fell upon her cheeks. A glow immeasurable grew inside, each day a little bit more (Magick happens instantly over time. It's a matter of fact.) until the glorious day arrived when she was finally able to stand unabashedly naked in her truest self. Since that day, there are times she forgets or times she just can't, but they are eternally present and their golden droplets of magick never evaporate."

"Self Love elegantly adorns spirit!"

I heart her hair! Here's a close up. I used metallic paint, so it's a little hard to get a clean picture of it without the shimmer showing up.

These three are hooked together with wire.

"Growth happens Magickally"

"inner stillness is cultivated"

"Sunrise is a Miracle"

"The sea breeze lives forever inside this woman"

"Serenity nestled in her heart and changed the entire world"

This one is based off the idea of Alchemy - the chemistry of the Middle Ages, the chief aim of which was to change the baser elements into gold.
"As she grew, her base elements were given to her. In her middle ages, she turned into gold."

Today, I'm working on presents for the Christmas gift exchange.
~Ribbons and Bows~