Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 2 month Birthday Wormers!

Yesterday, those squirmy wormers turned 2 months old! YAY! They are all doing wonderfully. They play almost non-stop and keep me up half the night. But they are so worth it. And YES, Jennlui, they have taken over the whole house and our lives completely. They make me laugh. I remember when they were just teeny-tiny.

A Pile of Kittens

Cleo and Twix (just born)

Remember this picture of the tiny wormer leg and tail next to Zoe's leg and tail?

Their legs don't look like that anymore. I miss their fold'y ears. Here's some recent photos. Most of them are sleeping - have you ever tried to take a 'not-blurry' picture of a kitten who is awake? Nearly impossible.



Twix and Uncle Pug - who used to be terrified of the babies! He's made progress. YAY Uncle Pug!

Twix with Uncle Dittle - who has also made progress. The 'big' cats are doing so much better with the babies than I imagined. I suppose they have no choice, they're out-numbered. ;)
Magick and Uncle Dittle's butt

Pirate - he's almost always sleeping in a funny position.

Pop-Tart - the scaredy cat of the bunch. We have a laser pointer. Everyone loves it. Poppy? He runs and hides. :)

Sometimes it's like a frat party gone wrong (or right, depending on your view). This was "Saturday morning after their Friday night party".
From the left - Pop~Tart, Cleo, Twix, Magick, Pirate

This was "Sunday morning after their Saturday night party".

And this was "Monday morning."

Happy mini-Birthday Squirmers! Hope there are many, many, many more!
~Kitten Snuggles~

PS: I found out who my Secret "Santress" is ~ :) , but just in case, I won't say yet.....don't want to ruin it for anyone else. And I didn't fully open the package yet, I peeked a lil, but I'm waiting until Christmas morning. YAY!!!! Thank you Secret Santress!! xoxo