Monday, December 8, 2008

Breathing in....breathing out

Last week was a difficult one. We made three trips to the vet and one to the emergency vet. Everything is fine though now (knock on computer).

The time for suckling is over. Sad. Zoe ended up getting an infection in one of her mammary glands, so she cannot nurse the babies anymore. It was about time for it to be over anyways. The babies are 6 weeks old now. The time has really just flown by.

Twix wasn't eating very good for a few days, so he had a seizure due to low blood sugar. No permanent damage. We just have to make sure he eats. He's so picky about what he eats. Yesterday, I opened 5 different kinds of food just to get him to eat.

Well, at least everyone has a real name now (and not just a nickname). And I've gotten some of the cutest pictures!!!!

You've met Twix. He's always been named Twix. As a matter of fact, he's the only one without a nickname. I'm sure he'll come across one he fancies.

Now meet Magick, formerly Buckwheat. If you've ever had a black cat then you know how hard it is to take pictures of them. He showed up really good against the yellow walls though! He loves shoes and often falls asleep in them. His eyes were the bluest out of the whole pack. They're changing now - the green is creeping into the center.

and Pirate, formerly Blackbeard.

and Cleopatra Queen of the Pile (Cleo for short), formerly Girl.

and finally, Pop-Tart formerly Marble. He was the last one to get a name. We tried out Linden, but it just wasn't cute enough. Pop-tart is plenty cute!

My new favorite thing to say "No suckles, no suckles....NO suckles!"