Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mail Call

As you know, I've been really caught up in this cat stuff. They can really take over your life. Hubby said, "Do you ever feel like a slave to the cats?" I said, "Yeah, sometimes I feel like a slave to you and T too, but that's part of relationship."

Anyways, I've received several snail mail packages and I haven't even talked about them. So here goes:

I bought the most lovely necklace from Queen Kim. I am so looking forward to wearing it in the summer when it can actually be seen without jackets and sweaters over-powering it.

She also included her famous rocks (Their brothers and sisters have made it to Paris!)

and a "red-hot" blank note card (check it out here). (Also in this picture you can see the beautiful clasp of the mermie necklace.)

Then Super Sandy sent me this amazing Goddess face. I can't wait to paint her. (BTW, Sandy just opened her Etsy shop. YAY YOU!)

She also included these beach rocks. They're smooth, yet bumpy....black, yet white, but the best part is the tiny crystals embedded inside that catch the light. When my life slows down a lil bit, I plan on painting words on them.....beachy words like flow, breeze, warmth, sunshine. Yum. When spring comes back, they'll sit at the feet of Buddha in the yard.

One of my 'bad' days last week was seriously brightened with a belated trinkety birthday package from Jennlui. It arrived just when I needed it! Isn't that wonderfull? It held so many fabulous treasures that my heart burst with gratitude for Jennlui's generous nature. (She has a lovely Etsy shop too.)
Candles to warm my sacred space. The cutest tickets with wonderful words like Bliss, Giggle, and Live! A card with Ganesh's mantra. Little elephant and heart cut-outs. Pretty bags to keep trinkets in. And more of her lil cards with lovely pictures that I can share with others.
I HEART these elephants BIG! They will become part of a necklace or charm bracelet.
A bag packed full of the most gorgeous gold sequins. Ooooo, they'll surely add gobs of golden'ness to any project.
Fun Ganesh stickers (stickers rock!) and a bag of lovely beads, sparkly stars, and a moon.

WOW! My heart is overflowing Friends. Thank you Kim, Thank you Sandy, Thank you Jennlui for sharing these fantastic-beautiful-cute-creative-amazing items with me!!!! Thank you for being Who You Are. I look forward to seeing what creations show up with the help of all of this inspiration and love you've packaged up and mailed to lil ol me. :)
::Burp:: Excuse me, I'm totally FULL of snail mail FUN!
~Pitter Patter of tiny kitten feet on the kitchen floor~