Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank~full Thursday

I know the power of thank~ful'ness, but often 'forget' to spend active time focusing on all the 'things' I am thank~full for. I used to do this more often....but I've gotten out of the habit. As a result, I have noticed that my attitude has shifted back toward the negative side. So in order to regain some balance, I'm going with "Thank~full Thursday."

I am thank~full for:

*Getting this post written. I don't know why, but I have been having so much trouble even saying anything at all. There's some kind of block there. But, YAY, I wrote a post! (it's funny, I wrote this one first, before I was done, and now, here I am...done!)

*In door plumbing. A thousand blessings to all that came up with that idea and put it into place!

*Litter boxes and litter - so our cats can do their 'business' and stay safely inside.

*Sex and the City - even though there aren't any new episodes....I still love to watch the old ones! How I Met Your Mother - smartest and funniest show I've ever seen!

*Music - right now it's the "Romancing the Stone" soundtrack - there's some cool jazzy tunes that I really like.

*Peanut butter and crackers and milk. It's not the best thing to eat, but it's something. Most of the time, I get so busy creating that I just don't eat. So, they're fast and they're easy.

*Trees....I still am captivated by looking out the windows and seeing all those trees, even when they are just skeletons of what they were several months ago.

*Money to buy Christmas presents and my hubby's job (even though it gets on my nerves sometimes).

*The ability to buy online!!!! and shop in my comfy pj's.

*Oh, there's one - PJ'S!! Love 'em! Live in 'em!

*Of course my hubby - for the kind spirit he is and for putting up with me as much as I put up with him. And daughter - for the awesome 17 year old that she is! She's been helping out around the house more without being asked. And for all the cats we can handle - the older cats are doing extremely well with the kittens and the kittens are so silly, they make me laugh!

* All the interesting, fun, real, creative, supportive, inspiring women I've met through this blog.

*Yesterday, while wandering around, like I do, I went to Serena's blog Dream with the Fishes and a super cute art piece caught my eye which lead me here, to Joanna Rowan Mullane's blog, Little Faerie Tales. As you can see from my sidebar, I signed up. ;)

* I'm still working on my Christmas exchange stuff. So far, so great! I am so happy with how it's all turning out. No pictures though, it's a surprise! :) I like it so much I actually thought about making some more and putting them up on Etsy. I'll have to see the final result first though. I'm a little nervous about the mailing though. But I am seriously so thank~full that it's turning out so nicely. YAY!

*Moonlight through trees, shining on my sleeping form.

*Me and my beautifull'ness and all my flaws.

*You and your beautifull'ness and all your flaws.

What are you thank~full for today?