Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some magickal discoveries

Hi! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas. We did! The babies had a blast playing in all that wrapping paper. Santa brought them each a can of 'Fancy Feast.' Even the birds and their competition, the squirrels, had a ~fancy feast~ peanut butter covered with nuts and seeds.

I saw this in-cased in ice on the front patio on Tuesday. Happy Face!

Magick climbed the tree - all the way to the top with the Angel, as matter of fact. Hubby was worried about him falling. I said, "Let him fall, he'll learn his lesson and not climb to the top anymore." Gosh I love being clever. A few moments later, Magick promptly tumbled head over tail out of the tree. Hubby tried to cushion his fall with one hand, as the camera was in the other documenting Magick's Quest to get the Angel. He hasn't climbed to the top since. ;) But now that I've said that, he'll be doing it in a moment I'm sure. :)

Christmas morning: The wormers woke me up early, after I didn't go to sleep until late (gosh my creative juicy'ness has been running all over :). At first, I wasn't very happy. But then I noticed I was been greeted with this. Mmmmmm, sunrise colored yummy'ness.

I've seen this before, but I wanted to share it with ya'll cause coming from where I lived before, I never thought I'd see something like this. Look out the window. (notice the curtains hiding from the kittens haha)

Do you see it?

No? Perhaps I'll zoom in a little. Do you see it now?

It's horses standing in a field that is through our woods, over the neighbors field, across the street, past the other neighbors houses, and up on the hill. That's the place where I first see the sun this time of year.

This moment is my favorite though. I noticed it the other day and mentioned it to Hubby. But the thought of recording it didn't come to me until last night just before I went to sleep at midnight. I knew after today, I wouldn't be hearing it anymore (as least until I figure out how to rig up something cool :).

Instructions for 'viewing.' There is nothing to see, so close your eyes and listen to this. Hear it. Soak up this precious moment I discovered in my life.

~Rain Powered Music~

ps: BTW, that sound on the video is rain falling on old cat food cans we've been too lazy to pick up (until today). What an Awesome World, where even 'trash' contains beauty!! YES!!!!

ps again: I think I might be making some major changes (Major Changes - sorry, How I Met Your Mother reference slipped out) around here. But I've got some more work to do and some more thinking....I'll tell you about it later. :)