Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am so thrilled and honored

to be alive be able to see the first African-American President of The United States! The feeling of excitement, of thrill, of chills running up and down and all the way through and around again ~ I AM SO OVERWHELMED AND GREAT~FULL TO BE HERE! I am not a political kind of person, but the electricity of this moment has touched my very soul. What a fabulous day it is!!!!!

A thought: when "President" Obama was born and almost all through his life NO ONE KNEW that he would be OUR PRESIDENT! OUR FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT! Brings me to a line in "Lady in the Water" when a character said, "No one is told Who They Are."
Today is also a great day to have a TV. I've seen so many historical, soul-shaking moments!

What a victory, what a moment in time, for our Country, for our World, for our Earth, for us ALL! WOW.

Now, I'm thrilled and honored to bring you these sweet souls.

Couldn't you just eat them up? I love their lil ears so much I could kiss them and kiss them and kiss them!

The last picture and the one below is Twix (Tristan says - I say his full name is Betwixt and Between - she's fighting me on it, but I'll win cause I pay the bills ;) ). He's the only bay-bee with a name so far. His eye is infected. We took him to the vet last night and got some ointment for his eye. Everyone loved him and just kept saying how cute he is and they couldn't get over how tiny (8 oz) he is. They also loved his ears.
I'm not worried about his eye. It will either heal or Rowan will have a buddy who is also a perpetual winker. Actually it might work out for Rowan - together they'll each have a lookout for the side they can't see on. ;) Rowan has always gotten along will Twix if the eye has to be removed.
They look at me now when I speak to them. They cry at me when I sit outside the box. I think they know I'm their Other Mommy. :) My heart sings when I'm with them. If only they could stay little like this for longer.

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~What a purely MAGICKAL Day~