Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Birth~Day

I don't look at birthdays as special....well sort of special, but maybe more like this:

A normal day is like Hot Chocolate to me on a cold day. (most of the time)

Today is Hot Chocolate with a lil whipped cream on top.

I suppose it's because I try to enjoy the time, capture the moments, realize how special 'today' is EVERY DAY.

There was this guy who was part of the group I hung around with. No one knew when his birthday was. He wouldn't tell anyone. He said, "Why do you need to know? So you can treat me nicely that day? Treat me nicely every day!"

I also think there are many days, many moments I have been born, awakened - the moment I was conceived, the moment I took my first steps, my daughter's birth day, fast forward to the moment I realized that joy is mostly my choice, something I must reach for, grasp, and lick - kinda like an ice cream cone. So, I think in a way I celebrate this adventure, this excavation of Life every day all-ready.

I will do some celebrating today though. And I'll do some 'normal' things too.

But here's how I'd like to kick it off.................

Dance with me!!!! Lets celebrate the fact that we're ALL ALIVE today and able to experience EVERYTHING that means - the GOOD, the bad, the smelly. :)

I think that says it all!

And this is just cause this song jams!

I had to come back and edit: I almost forgot that I wanted to share this too:

I have this picture of the beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis in my studio.

This quote is an essential part of my journey. It's a little blury, but you get the idea.

BTW, today, I am 36 and SUPER HUGE PROUD OF IT!!!! No way would I want to go back and be any other age. I'm way smarter than I used to be. Yeah, smarter a$$. HA!

Have a FANTASTIC day everybody!

~I'm so glad we're all here in this moment in time, we're totally lucky!~

ps: It's also Mickey Mouse's birthday. So Happy Happy Mickey!