Friday, November 14, 2008

Snail mail comes and goes, and becomes part of my studio

Yesterday, I packaged the journal for Nanakin.

I also opened a package from Jennlui - isn't she super cool? :) I placed all of the trinketty treasures around my studio.

Did I mention that I bought myself a Witchy hat? Here it is sitting on my paint caddy (thank goodness for that thing - best investment ever!) I'll use that when I cast all my magick spells. The hat, I mean.

Here's the adorable heart rocks (lower left) and the rockin' black box they came in (upper left). At first I placed them here, with all my other precious rocks. At the right, you can see a stack of index cards sitting in a shell ~ these are various statements I wrote from books or my own knoggin that keep me going when I need it. Currently I'm using ~ "Amuse Thyself" : I like this one because it reminds me to create art FOR ME first. If other people like it, love it, or buy it, great, but my amusement matters to me most. And ~ "Press on Pussy" : This is something a guy friend of mine used to say all the time. It's a little dirty, sorry, I know, but it makes me smile and keeps me going when I feel like crapping out. "Cursing" is part of my regular vocabulary. I very much censor myself here for your benefit. ;)

Anyways, back to the rocks. I decided to place them here. The Lady's hands hold all of my hearts.

Jennlui, also sent me these.

I heart the rocks she makes! Eventually, I will share these with others so they can know about Jennlui and her trinketty treasures, but for now, they reside here.

I can't forget that super cute postcard!

I placed it on my fireplace.

See it? No? How about now? It's right in the middle.

LOVE this fireplace!!!! It's a fakey-fake, but it has a firebox, so I can burn candles inside it. You can see all my Witchy stuff - cauldron hanging in the hearth, broom leaning on the side.

On the right hand side of the fireplace (see the full fireplace picture above), there's a branch that I found outside. I really liked the curvey'ness of it. On the left side of that branch is something hanging. Any guesses what it is?????? If anyone guesses correctly, I'll send you a prize. I didn't mean to give anything else away (but it's so much fun!), so I don't know what it will be, but it'll be cute. (Sorry Ladies - Leah already won. It is my own hair that I kept when I cut it all off last year.)

These are just for added cute'ness and cause everyone goes so wild for them......He doesn't have a real name yet, but so far he's got one nickname ~ Blackbeard ~ cause he has one. ;)

More of my studio to come in the future. Perhaps I'll clean it up a lil first. :) It so needs to be vacuumed.