Monday, September 22, 2008

Rowie Ambrosea-o: Perpetual Winker, Snoring Champion

This is Rowan Ambrose. He's the alpha male of our pack of four cats. He's got a cute little freckle on his nose, a tiny white spot between his shoulder blades, and a small patch of hair that sticks up on his head like Alfalfa. He's perfect. There's one question everyone always asks when they meet him.

What happened to his eye? He was born an outside cat on land that was owned by a local veterinarian. The family noticed that he had an infection in his eye, but he was so afraid of them, they couldn't get a hold of him. When they finally did get him, it was too late to save his eye. It was removed and sewed up. I don't think he really knows the difference. He still closes it if the area gets touched. The only time he has a 'problem' with it is when we sneak up on his right side and scare him, cause he can't see us until he turns his head. But it's cute cause he makes a little squeaky sound. Sometimes I wonder what the other cats think about it. They probably think what I do....he's just perpetually winking!

When I met him, he was about 3 months old. I came home from work on a Friday night. My daughter's friends walked up to us with this tiny tan ball of fur with purple stitches in his eye. I knew he had to belong to someone....who would let a one eyed kitten outside? He had to have run away. I took him inside and the girls went door to door asking who he belonged to. No one claimed him. I called another vet (not the one the 'owner' worked at, but for the life of me I have no idea why I did that now) who said they had a phone number of someone who lost a tan male kitten with one eye. Had to be him. I called them all weekend, but apparently they were away. By Sunday we loved him. My daughter (she was just a little girl then) wanted to keep him. So, when the 'owners' contacted me and said he was an outside cat, I asked if we could keep him. They thought it over and decided they didn't want to be selfish and keep him if he could have an inside home. We never figured out how he got all the way from their house (which was several miles away) to my house. I know it was meant to be. Me and him were meant to be together.

My daughter loves to dress the cats up. Rowan is a good sport about it.

Here's some shots of Fred....that's what we call Rowan's belly. I don't know why he sits like this...none of the other cats do, but it's super adorable. Sometimes he sits like that for 10 minutes. He's a weirdo. Currently, he is pulling the hair out of his belly because he's upset that there are outside cats coming onto our property. So Fred is partially bald. I keep telling him he needs to stop because the vet is going to say he's crazy and needs to take crazy pills. I don't think he's listening.

He looks like he was out drinking. Lousy drunk.....

Window gazing. Bird watching.

He's the laundry basket king!

This guy brings napping to an all new level. He could sleep anywhere, anytime...including a box lid. Well, unless the vacuum is running or someone knocks at the door, as he is terrified of both. He also is known for his snoring. Wakes me up sometimes, it's so loud.

"Mom, what? I'm sleeping......::yawn::"

He loves his sister.

Beggar of food.......

and don't ever leave a cup of milk unsupervised cause it will either have Rowan's head in it or it'll be on the floor with Rowan sitting around looking totally innocent. He loves corn...especially corn on the cob. He's like a maniac for it!

"So, what's'a madda with you?"
We name all our cats one official name, but then they also get nicknames. We're strange like that.
Here are some of Rowan's names - Rowan (little red one) Ambrose (eternal) - we usually only use his middle name when he gets into trouble, Ro-Ro, Bubba, Bubbie, Bear (sometimes Bubba Bear), Pumpkin, Rowie Ambrosea-o, Ditten or Mr. Ditten (like Kitten with a D) (which my husband forgot once and said, "What do you call him, Dittle?" which created another name for him), Dittle or Mr. Dittle, Ditt, Mommy's baby Rowan. I think there might be more, but I'm at a loss right now. It gives you an idea though. Funny thing is that he knows all his names. I can't forget to mention Fred again, Rowan's belly, but I didn't do that one...that was all my daughter.
I sing to him, the same tune, but usually I made up the words as I go along. My husband says Rowan has his own theme song. As you can see from all the pictures, he's totally photogenic!
One more thing.....I love him, no, I LOVE him.
~Rowan forever~