Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coughing cats

I was woken up about an hour ago (currently it's 6 am) by a cat coughing next to my head. I petted him and then curled back up. He kept coughing. Half asleep, I reached over to pet him again, but my hand met with a strange object. Turned out it was my husband's face.

"Oh, that's you. Sorry."

"Uh huh" half laughing.

There was no going back to sleep after that. So here I am (the only living boy in New York....sorry been listening to Simon and Garfunkel).

Working on a best work to date (as far as shading goes). I'm really in love with it, which is good for me. I feel different somehow. I'll probably finish it by the end of the day, so I'll put pictures up later.

Solanco Fair ~ I entered the journal and box (pictured somewhere below). Strange thing. The journal won 3rd place....although there was no 1st or 2nd place. No competition. Apparently they thought two empty spots of nothing was better than my journal. Or perhaps they cannot count. Personally, I'm banking on the not being able to count. I can't really count either, that's why I married an accountant. ;) The box also won 3rd place. At least there was a 1st and 2nd place this time. I liked my stuff better, but perhaps I am biased. Whatever, next.....

Chipmunks have been collecting birdseed like crazy. They stuff their faces and then run away with puffy cheeks. Ca-ute. One day, I'd like to be able to feed them from my hand. My daughter, Tristan, says she wants to hug them - I said, "Good luck." Our cats don't even really like us hugging them, but we hug them anyway. Hey, we pay for their food and clean up their crap....literally. They owe us.

~Forced cat hugs~