Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do it now!

The dream: I am walking down the street and notice beautiful clothing hanging on a street sign. I assume it is free. I try to touch it. A Native American man removes what I wanted. I now realize it isn't free when I catch a glimpse of the price tag, as a matter of fact it is expensive. I am worrying about getting out of buying something.

Thankfully a conversation between my husband and daughter saves me from spending more money than I want to, but it provides me a whole new issue: A year's worth of movies and shows saved on our DVR is corrupt and needs to be deleted {period}. No saving them. No recording them like we kept saying we were going to do. Gone, just gone. Not a darn thing we can do about it but take it. The last season of Lost is well, lost. Star Wars Family Guy, Robot Chicken Star Wars special - . I don't even want to try to remember what else was on there. What's the point? It's gone and I can't get it back. Also gone is the schedule set up to record the shows we like. It'll take me some time and some brain power, but I can reset that. It's just annoying. "Computers" - grrrrr.

Why did we so stupidly keep putting off recording all those movies and shows when it would have been so easy to do so? Laziness. Plain old laziness. In the future, we will refer to this, The Great Hard Drive Crash of '08, and the resulting protocol : If you want to keep something....USE THE DVD RECORDER WE SPENT LOTS OF MONEY ON AND RECORD IT! and if you really like it and are just a little paranoid...make a copy too.

A few good things have come out of it:

1) I love that I've grown ~ many, many moons ago I would have been upset/mad about this. Today, I'm like "It happened, it's gone, all gone, being upset won't change anything but make me have a bad day."

2) I am FINALLY getting around to copying many, many years worth of pictures that are saved on this computer. I've been scared into it!

3) This incident will become part of our repertoire - "You'd better copy that....remember what happened during The Great Hard Drive Crash of '08"???" It was kinda funny too cause I was on the phone with my hubby just as I was getting ready to delete everything. He said, "Put the phone near the DVR." I hear him say "Semper Fi" which is part of our Simpsons repertoire. Made me laugh.

4) Dish Network gave us 20 bucks! :)

Strange that this happened, the other day while having a conversation about the fact that my daughter's teacher was making her write a report instead of typing it, I remembered a time I spent all night typing a report only to have the computer freeze before I saved it. Perhaps I learned the lesson for good this time. ~ crossing fingers ~