Thursday, September 11, 2008

I covet balance

From my journal ~

The sun has been slow to show up today. Not me. BAM! I was out of the gate and getting things done. Dishes, laundry...I even cleaned the litter boxes and that's not even my job man! At times, I wish I was like this every day. But I am not. And that is OK - because there is a balance to my life. I covet BALANCE! I have no desire to be all of something and not something else. I believe deeply ~ penetrating'ly ~ in balance. I am not 'glass half empty.' I am not 'glass half full.' I say, "It is gloriously both at the same time!" YAY.

So, to those days when the dishes are piled up and the laundry over-flows, I say this...

Do not worry, for today your counterpoint has arrived!

yucky feeling.

I spent all day yesterday on the computer looking at other women's blogs (gosh there are some super cute places!), messing around with my own, and copying pictures from the computer to disks. Yes, I am STILL doing that. Who knew it would take so long? And I'm only in 2006! Ugh.

Today, I have a time limit. There is a painting that is calling my name, wanting me to touch it with brushes and paint (perhaps a little dye as well). Mmmmm....painting!

~Fuzzy kitten hugs~