Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dirty feet, magick mugs

Last night I took my first Yoga class. I've done yoga at home, alone, but never in a class setting. While laying down and stretching my arms above my head, I touched a woman's feet. heehee. My daughter said "Eww" ~ she hates feet. Didn't bother me. They're just feet. Why do we get so grossed out by other people's body parts? Perhaps we fear that they aren't 'clean'. Society worries about 'clean' way too much. Now a~days, it's throw away this and throw away that. All in an order to never be 'dirty', have anything 'dirty', or touch anything 'dirty'. I watch commercials try to make people paranoid. This morning I saw one with a woman and a boy brushing their teeth. The woman accidentally sprayed the mirror with her toothbrush. What to do? Well, she just grabbed a antibacterial wipey that doesn't streak and wiped that mirror clean. Personally, I wondered why the mirror had to be sterilized from bacteria. Is she planning on eating off it later? They try to scare people into buying this unnecessary product and don't forget that one too. Sad thing is that many people do buy into it. Look lady, get yourself some white vinegar and an old newspaper. Everything will be fine.

My favorite mug. It has chips, but I still sip from its lip. I've had it so long that I don't remember where I got it. But I do know that when I first saw it, I had to have it. Inside, the pink swirls around and around, ring after ring, until it reaches the bottom, leaving a circle. My magick mug makes everything just taste better.

Perhaps one day it will be gone. Or it will have so many chips that I can't use it in the same way. Maybe it will outlast me. Don't know. I just know today we'll spend the morning together. I'll cherish it. It will cherish my love.

The Solanco Fair is this week. So, tonight I will be entering two items for 'judging'. A journal and a decoupaged box. Last year I won first prize in both categories.

Above is a view of the bottom of the box and partial side. I do adore these items. The colors are so rich. Every time I make one I selfishly want to keep it for myself. A few of my journals can be found at LunarChild's . In the future, I hope to have an Etsy shop.

A painting I did a few months ago.

I'm in love with everything about this woman.

I long to live the way she does.....with the ebb and flow of a wild spirit!

~Paint stained hands~