Monday, September 29, 2008

Three's Fabulous

I love great weekends when you really don't do anything 'special', but while you're in it you already know "This is a GREAT weekend!" It was a rainy Saturday - we (Tristan, Stu, and I)went to some craft stores and food shopping. That's it. But we laughed about everything. Those two are just so funny. Apparently none of us could talk right, so we kept saying words in a weird way - we'd all laugh about it. Then we have our reserve of movie and tv show lines we spit out when appropriate. Then there's our special reserve of things that we say or other people say or things that we do or that happen. It's like living a comedy routine. We see people around us laughing too - they're listening to us talk amongst ourselves. I adore my little family of three (plus the four cats). They've made my life. When I die and they ask me what my favorite thing was ~ it's going to be them. I enjoy being around them immensely. This is us a few years ago at the park where we used to live. I'm going to miss her being around every day when she grows up ~ but as totally fantastic as she is now, I'm really interested to see who she becomes.

Yesterday, we all worked on a project together. Tristan wanted to make a duvet cover for her blanket. A couple months ago we bought a sewing machine and material. Now that the weather is changing we're getting around to doing 'inside' projects. Anyways, not only did it turn out beautifully, but we had a fun time doing it. It was pretty easy too. She wanted zebra print. The reverse side is pink with tiny yellow stars. At the open end are ribbons to hold the blanket inside, well inside. Next project is a shower curtain. I'll let you know how that turns out.

We spotted this 'guy' on the side of the garage.
We also have a new neighbor.

He lives under the corner of our cement patio.

I'm making butternut squash soup for lunch. Mmmmm. I am in love with cool weather cooking.