Monday, January 5, 2009

End of the year, end of this blog

but don't's also, start of the new year, start of the new blog. I'm done with the wandering and onto more magickal pursuits. I've been planning this for weeks. This is 'Major Change' number 1.

Thank you blog for bringing all that you have ~ lovely, inspiring, friendly, fun women ~ a new found respect for myself and what I can do with this life I've been given ~ AND more YAY than I hoped for! Thank you friends for all of your wonderful comments, thoughts, wishes, sharings, and YAY's. It's meant a lot to me and to my journey.

Please visit me at my new blog "A Magickal Melis" (A - because I'm one, Magickal - because I am pure magick (so are we all even if we don't know we are), and Melis - short for Melissa).

I hope to see ya'll there.

~Goddess Glow~